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Duncan Street Explorer goes live!

Posted 19 June, 2013 13:04 by Karla Baker | Permalink


The National Library of Scotland is pleased to announce the launch of its latest web feature, theĀ Duncan Street Explorer.

This innovative site brings together an array of material from the Bartholomew Archive and brings the firm’s final premises, on Duncan Street in Edinburgh, back to life. Original documents, staff photographs, oral history recordings and of course maps, tell the story of what it was like to manage, work for and contribute to this great Scottish map-making firm.


Apprentice draughtsman, James Bain, reveals more about an unsavoury incident involving a rat and an unsuspecting draughtsman’s trouser leg; John Bartholomew Senior writes to his son, John Junior, to encourage him to learn lithography and colourist, Doris Crook, remembers the daunting prospect of the first day of her apprenticeship. We also reveal the unlikely connection between map-making and gramophone needles.


Whether your interest is in maps, social history, local history or manufacturing, the Duncan Street Explorer has something for everyone and the layers of content allow you to explore in as much detail as you would like.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about this amazing firm and its inspirational staff through our Duncan Street Explorer.