when printing goes bad!

Posted 22 January, 2009 13:04 by Karla Baker

Every now and then, an example of the printing art ‘gone wrong’, shows up in the printing record volumes

The mistake shown in the photos is a common occurrence in a printing factory; a corner of the paper sheet that’s to be printed gets folded over, before being fed through the printing press, and when printed a part of the print image ends up on the wrong side of the paper.

This ‘transposition’ means that an otherwise ‘perfect print’ has to be discarded, because a small portion has been back-printed. Maybe a minor irritant to the printer, but nevertheless a potentially costly and time consuming mistake.

(reference: NLS, Map Library, Bartholomew Print Record, Volume 60, 1920-1921, folio 169, preservation ref: 11467,)

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