John Murray, the d – d conservative

Posted June 21, 2011 3:43 pm by Lauren Forbes

John Merivale (1779-1844) seems to have been a good friend of John Murray II, and tells it like it is… He was a lawyer and a poet, a friend of Lord Byron’s. I was amused by these excerpts from his letters, both written to John Murray II in 1830:

“I sent you a month ago or more a little MS containing some hasty reflections on the Westminster Radicals, not thinking at the time what a d – d conservative you are grown & how little to your taste therefore would be the sentiments of a reasonable man as I hold myself to be.

“As I think however that I may soon be able to improve my crude thoughts to some [?careful] purpose, I wish you would return me my paper forthwith that I may re-model & fit it for another market”.

“You are more inaccessible than a Prime Minister – far more hard to find, &, when found, still harder to fix – by which I only mean to pay you the compliment of comparing you to the greatest men with whom it has been my fortune ever to have any intercourse. If I can, however, claim your attention on one or two matters of no importance except to myself, I shall be glad if perhaps you will give me an answer on those points which require one”.

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