Bath cures and cathedral hazards

Posted September 26, 2011 3:46 pm by Lauren Forbes

This sketch by architect Sir Thomas Jackson doesn’t show him having a snooze in bed. In a letter to John Murray IV in February 1906, he compares notes about cures taken in Bath. Murray must have mentioned “electric bathes”, and Jackson describes (and sketches) being in “a kind of jacketted cradle of aluminium with red hot electric wires between, which they put over you there”. He continues:

“I had them at 330 degrees & they, with the hot bathes at 103 on alternate days put me right in a fortnight”.

However, it’s obviously difficult for a committed architect to stay ‘cured’, as hazards of the job intervene:

“But a long day’s climbing ladders & scaffolding at Winchester Cathedral soon – too soon – after put me all wrong again, and now I have to be very careful, & lie on the sofa as much as I can.”

I think in this instance the publisher’s lot would be a happier one.


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