The wonder box : curious histories of how to live

Posted January 24, 2012 4:56 pm by Julie Corrigan

(Photo Credit: Profile Books)

(Photo Credit: Profile Books)

As we begin a New Year, many people will look for ways to improve or change the way in which they live. As Roman Krznaric notes, some will turn to Religion, some to the psychology of happiness through “Self-help” or perhaps to the wisdom of Philosophers to make a change in their lives. Yet, as he argues, so much can be learned from the wisdom of the past to help us to approach life differently.

In this original and intriguing book, Krznaric examines twelve areas of life including Love, Work, Travel and Death. He draws on the ideas from Ancient Greeks to the current day to look at the various ways in which these issues have been approached by people.  Among many things, we learn how to cultivate our senses with Helen Keller, be inspired in the art of travel by the Ancient Japanese Pilgrims and find out how to gain a sense of job satisfaction from the British Industrial Revolution.

Krznaric sees history as a “Wonder Box”, like the Curiosity Cabinets of the Renaissance, full of intriguing and unusual artefacts. It is by opening this “Wonderbox” of the past, Krznaric believes, that we can learn so much more about Life and how we may wish to live it.

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