Zoom into East Dunbartonshire

Collated by Veronica Bell.

East Dunbartonshire was formed in 1996, from the former Bearsden and Milngavie district, and most of the former Strathkelvin district.  Situated to the north of Glasgow, it contains many of the city’s suburbs and commuter towns. Its county town of Kirkintilloch has a rich industrial heritage, partly due to its rail links and position on the Forth and Clyde Canal. Coal mining was an important industry for the county, with many sites across the area from Baljaffray to Twechar. East Dunbartonshire is also is home to significant archaeological sites of the Antonine Wall which runs through the county. 

As a recently created local authority the archival record for East Dunbartonshire is scattered across the historic counties of Dumbartonshire, Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire.

Where to find local collections:  

Archives & Local Studies, William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch  https://www.edlc.co.uk/heritage-arts/local-history https://www.edlc.co.uk/heritage-arts/archives

Books – non fiction: 

Court book of the Burgh of Kirkintilloch 1658-1694 [In Scottish History Society Publicationshttps://digital.nls.uk/125885888

Bearsden Academy, East Dunbartonshire Council. Education Scotland, 2016. https://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/sidtjd/44NLS_ALMA51639897180004341


Kirkintilloch Lion Foundry, 1984.


War Weapons Week 1942 by Ewen Jeen, 1942. (Demonstrations of various civil defence and military units during World War 2 in Bearsden).  https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/3348 

Fickle Fortune by the Bearsden Film Club, c.1930.  https://movingimage-onsite.nls.uk/film/0509  

George Bennie railplane system of transport, 1929-30. Built at Milngavie. https://movingimage-onsite.nls.uk/film/1341

Manuscript Collection: 

Typescripts, with a few manuscript annotations, of satirical verses about events in Milngavie by Robert Mclellan.   https://manuscripts.nls.uk/repositories/2/archival_objects/49625 


Map of Dumbarton Shire from actual survey by John Wood, engraved by T. Clerk, 1818. https://maps.nls.uk/view/216442554

Town Plan of Kirkintilloch, 1859. [In Ordnance Survey large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895https://maps.nls.uk/townplans/kirkintilloch.html

A plan of the Great Canal from Forth to Clyde, 1785. By R. Whitworth, J. Laurie, J.Ainslie. [In Canal plans of Scotland, 18th-20th centurieshttps://maps.nls.uk/view/216547704

An e-resource: 

Early Bronze Age Pits at Inchbelle Farm, Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, by P. Masser and A. McSween. [Through JSTOR, access via NLS login] https://www.jstor.org/stable/27917472 

A business: 

Wester Auchengeich coal mine near Lenzie. Scottish Coalmining. SEFA, 1953. [In Moving Image Archive] https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/0496  

A person: 

Jessie King, artist born in Bearsden and one of the ‘Glasgow Girls’. Read her entry on pg 235 in The new biographical dictionary of Scottish women by E. Ewan, R. Pipes, J. Rendall and S. Reynolds, 2018. [In Ebook Titleshttps://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/hha760/44NLS_ALMA51637119380004341

A poem: 

An Elegy’ (1798/9) for Reverend Mr. William Dun, late Minister of Kirkintilloch. [Broadside in The Word on the Streethttps://digital.nls.uk/broadsides/view/?id=16021

An historic building: 

St Mary’s Church in Kirkintilloch is over a hundred years old.  View the Laying of New Foundation Stone at Kirkintilloch Parish Church, 1913 :  https://movingimage-onsite.nls.uk/film/1374

View footage of events in 1961 here, in St Mary’s:  https://movingimage-onsite.nls.uk/film/9554

A Drawing: 

Antiquities discovered at the station of Achindavy on Grime’s Dyke…by William Roy, 1793. [In Roy Military Antiquities of the Romans in North Britain, 1793]   https://maps.nls.uk/view/74486040

Something about the county town: 

Kirkintilloch is twinned with Yoichi in Japan, due to the connection with Rita Cowan Taketsuru who was born in the Scottish town. Yoichi even has a Rita Road. [In NewsBank Access U.K. & Scotland Newspapers, access via NLS Login]  https://infoweb-newsbank-com.nls.idm.oclc.org/apps/news/document-view?p=UKNB&t=&sort=YMD_date%3AD&maxresults=20&f=advanced&val-base-0=taketsuru&fld-base-0=alltext&docref=news/176F9B22DEA88A90

Something about a village or small place: 

Description of Lennoxtown and surrounding area in 1837 [In Scottish Post Office Directories]   https://digital.nls.uk/directories/browse/archive/85593820

Further reading: 

Around Milngavie, Mugdock, Balmore, Baldernock and Bardowie, by James Crawford. 2016.  https://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/sbbkgr/44NLS_ALMA21471977350004341

Thomas Muir of Huntershill: essays for the twenty first century, eds. Gerard Carruthers and Don Martin. 2016.  https://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/sbbkgr/44NLS_ALMA21501417670004341 

Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall, by David J. Breeze, 2016.   https://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/sidtjd/44NLS_ALMA21456160960004341